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By: Sigve FREE TRIP!
* Klippfisk av den beste torsk. Serverings stykker. Leveres i 2kg kasser. Kun 89,50,-pr kg * Krabbeklør,nyfrossne denne uke. Levers i 2kg kasser. Kun 114,-pr kg. * Kveite av beste kvalitet rett fra båt. Leveres i 3kg kasse(read entire article)
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Category : Sea product
By: Stepin FREE TRIP!
Do you recieve winning message like this.its fraud!(read entire article)
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Category : FRAUD -SCAM -Warning
By: Tim Bishop
You may have heard of the term leasehold or collective enfranchisement, but what does it really mean? This article looks at some exactly what leasehold enfranchisement involves and how it can benefit residential tenants.(read entire article)
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Category : Society
By: Augustina
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:21:18 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: "James Desmond" Subject: From:James Desmond From The Auditor/Head Banco Santander Bank-Madrid. Phone:0034619376497 E-FAX :+15097533389 Attn:Sir, My name is Mr. J(read entire article)
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Category : FRAUD -SCAM -Warning
By: Sigve FREE TRIP!
All bruk av juss må skje med godt skjønn. Her har redselen for å skape uheldig presedens stengt utblikket for hva som ligger i saken & hva formålet er med norsk innvandringspolitikk. Vi trenger forskjellige innvandrere med ulik kompetanse i vårt samfunn -(read entire article)
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Category : Humanities
By: Kitty My profile
The cases, being heard for the first time, relate to work in Mururoa and Fangataufa and seek recognition and compensation for ill health. Eight cases have been lodged, although five of the workers have already died of what have been called radiation-lin(read entire article)
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Category : Public Speaking
By: Sigve FREE TRIP!
Monrovia -Liberioa :HOW PEOPLE MISSUSE PEOPLES TRUST ..! I got your address via Skype. I have a proposal for you, this however is not mandotary nor will i in any manner compel you to honour against your will. I would need your total confidence, sincerity(read entire article)
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Category : FRAUD -SCAM -Warning
By: Amy Sauna
The new generation of sauna Sauna its healthcare and you feel relaxing- let us offer you one new generation of sauna,cheap to warming up and you feel in luxus life!(read entire article)
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Category : Interior Design
By: Sigve FREE TRIP!
Denne liste er dynamisk og vil forandre sig hele tiden som domæner enten registreres eller der kommer nye domæner til. Domæner tilføjes normalt hver søndag nat/mandag morgen. Alle kunder der har en konto i vores system vil jævnligt modtage en e-mail hverg(read entire article)
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Category : Domains
By: Sigve FREE TRIP!
Barnevern aktivistene lager plakater med slagord. Vi... På barneskolen måtte vi sitte igjen etter timen for å ha sendt lapper med rykter til hverandre i timen. Vi sprer i såfall nå et godt rykte! Send lappen videre. Omsorgs overtakelse,barnevern,barnever(read entire article)
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Category : Writing

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